Our Services


We review and develop business plans and community strategies. Including viability studies for community asset transfers. We have extensive operational consulting expertise - our services include staffing reviews and appraisals, contingency planning, review budgeting and accounting processes, and assist with governance.


We deliver a range of courses and training materials aimed at developing the practical skills needed by Local Councils to carry out their role effectively. We use advanced training delivery methods that make optimum use of office based training, and downloadable courses to do at your own pace. All of our courses come with clear and practical course materials and an ongoing training plan for participants.


We offer a range of local planning services, including planning applications for Town/Village assets, grant applications and neighbourhood plans.

Project and Risk Management

We have extensive project management experience and can manage your projects from start-to-end, pick them up at any stage, or complete post project reviews. We have overseen renovation projects of Town/Village assets amongst many other small to large projects. We provide easy-to-implement risk assessments for numerous council events and general management.